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Pay By Phone Casino No Wagering

If you find yourself playing new online slots games on your mobile phone, you are not alone. In fact, you are with the vast majority of online casino players nowadays, as mobile slots are far more popular than not just desktop slots, but just about every other form of online casino game.

Because of this change in dynamic to the mobile casino game, a lot of players are deciding to change the way in which they make deposits to their casino sites of choice. The reason for this is that you can now pay directly from your mobile phone for a casino deposit, also known as pay by phone casino.

With this, as is the case with every other form of online casino bonus, there are a whole tonne of bonuses that you can use to cash in on when you make a deposit. This is particularly true when you are a new customer, signing up to a casino site for the first time.

The only issue with these bonuses is that you have to play through ‘wagering requirements’ most of the time. But, if you are a customer interested in checking out pay by phone casino then there may be a way around this, and it is called pay by phone casino no wagering.

What are Casinos Wagering Requirements?

If a casino just dished out free spins to new players all day long without doing anything to try and keep these new customers or protect their losses then they would pretty much go out of business immediately. This is because free spin slot games cost money, in that the casino has to pay out on bonus funds won.

There a couple of ways that casinos will try to manage their losses, or to keep players around. One of them is to require a deposit right off the bat. We call this a ‘deposit required’ bonus offer, and usually it means that players will have to put down $10 or $20 or so out of their own money to activate the bonus.

The other way is to bring in a wagering requirement. This is basically a term or condition of a bonus that players will have to meet in order to be able to either activate their bonus, or withdraw their bonus funds having already played through their free spins.

We’ll take a look at what these wagering requirements might look like shortly, so that you know what to keep an eye out for in your search for your own casino bonus signup offers.

It is useful to consider for now, though, that deposit required bonus offers are likely to have less wagering requirements than free spins no deposit required bonus offers because they are less likely to lose money. This brings us a step closer to true pay by phone casino no wagering.

If a casino does neither of these things, then they could well find themselves having customers sign up, play for the free spins, taking their bonus funds and hitting the road. So, it is almost impossible to find a casino bonus that has neither a deposit required or a wagering requirement of some variety.

Do Pay by Phone Casinos have Wagering Terms?

As great as pay by phone casino vodafone is, and as much as we advise that players (particularly those who opt to play slot games on their mobile phones) have a go at it, it is not free from wagering requirements.

Pay by phone casinos and casinos that do not offer pay by phone as a deposit method are likely to have the same terms and conditions or deposit required. The fact that pay by phone casino is available has no effect on this.

So, we still need to remain vigilant to wagering requirements, or sign up for a bonus offer that reflects pay by phone casino no wagering requirement.

How to Withdraw Funds from a Pay by Phone Casino

After you have placed your deposit using pay by phone casino and enjoyed whatever free spins you have found yourself winning, it is time to withdraw your bonus funds. That is, of course, if you have met the wagering requirements of the bonus that you are playing with.

It is useful to clear up how these withdrawals are made, as a common misconception of pay by phone casino is that you have to withdraw your bonus funds or winnings using the same method that you placed your deposit with in the first place.

This is simply not true. Pay by phone casino customers are the exception to the same deposit same withdrawal method rule that the rest of online casino customers have to put up with.

This is great news, as if you hit the jackpot you do not want to have hundreds or even thousands of pounds worth of phone credit. Sure, free calls and data for life might be good but most players are going to want to keep the cash and have some fun with it that doesn’t involve text messages!

So, you can withdraw your funds in another way, such as directly to your bank account using an instant bank transfer. Pretty cool, right?

Phone Casino Bonuses

Bonuses for pay by phone casino or for other areas of deposit casino pretty much look the same. You might see something like ‘500 free spins on Starburst, deposit required’ or ’50 free spins to play with, no deposit’.

These are prime examples of phone casino bonus and it is worth the time figuring out which ones are worth going for or not. While true pay by phone casino no wagering requirements cannot be, you can find some that have less strict terms and conditions than others.

Even more important than this, however, is scrutinising the terms and conditions page of any online casino bonus so that you know exactly what is going on and do not have to be hit with any nasty surprises later down the line.

Here are a few wagering requirements that you might expect to see:

  • Playing through your winnings: you may find yourself having to play through your bonus funds multiple times.
  • Time limits: it is fairly common to be constructed to a certain number of days to use your bonus in.
  • Deposit required retrospectively: annoyingly, you might have to pay some of your own money in at the end of playing through your bonus winnings sometimes.

Should I Play at a Phone Casino?

You don’t have to go to a special pay by phone casino to enjoy pay by phone casino deposits. A lot of casino sites offer pay by phone as a deposit method these days. All you need to do is figure out which ones do.

Here’s how to find out, as a general rule of thumb, whether a casino site offers pay by phone casino deposits:

  • Find the ‘about’ section on the website.
  • Find the help section about deposits.
  • Take a look at the list and see if it mentions pay by phone casino as an option.

Here at Slots Baby, we offer pay by phone casino and an awesome bonus. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Press the Join Now button on the homepage.
  2. Fill out a few details and confirm your email.
  3. Deposit $10 using pay by phone casino and be in with a chance to win up to 500 free spins to play on Starburst (Full Ts & Cs Apply)!

Best Casino Games to Play on Your Phone

When it comes to online casino games, there is one in particular that sticks out: video slot machines. These make up for over 60% of all revenue for online casino in the year in, year out and there is good reason for that: they are the most fun to play!

Because of the coding language HTML5, most slot games are available to play on mobile devices these days. Developers have actually gone back to their older slot games and re-designed them so that they are available for mobile as the demand for mobile slots gaming is so high.

With that, here are some of our recommendations for online slot games that you can play on your mobile phone.

Best Mobile Slots 2021

This list is put together based on a number of factors: the games’ RTPs (how much of your stake you can expect to win back on average), their variance (how volatile the game is in terms of win size vs. hit rate) and their playability. With all of these things in mind, check out these slots:


Regarded by some as the best online slot game in history, NetEnt’s Starburst will never disappoint. Its space them is captivating, there is a great bonus involving wilds, and the win chance is very strong indeed.

Samurai Split

NextGen Gaming’s awesome samurai themed slot is notorious for offering the highest number of free spins to be won in any slot game in history: an eye-watering total of 480. Plus, it’s only medium variance which means that the wins come fairly regularly!

Rainbow Riches: Reels of Gold

Any list of slot game recommendations is incomplete without mention of Barcrest’s world-famous series Rainbow Riches. These slots are available in every pub, casino or arcade, and all over the internet too. We think that the best online Rainbow Riches slot is Rainbow Riches: Reels of Gold due to its design and bonuses.

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT $10, $8 MAX WIN PER 10 SPINS, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO $250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.